What To Do If Arrested

The law partnership of Feldman & Wallach provides exceptional criminal defense representation to clients in Los Angeles County. We defend against a wide variety of federal and state charges, including assault, DUI, drug offenses, theft charges, and violent felonies. As attorneys with extensive trial experience, we will not simply seek the easiest solution or accept a plea in order to avoid litigation -- we will work tirelessly to ensure that you are given the best possible chance to defeat the charges against you and move forward with your life.

Contact Us If You Have Been Arrested & Detained

If you have been arrested, call us immediately, collect or otherwise, 24 hours a day, at (310) 429-2702. Please provide as much of the following information that you have, so that we are able to provide prompt and effective assistance:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Booking number
  • Case number
  • The location where you are detained (for example the station, precinct, or jail)
  • All charges you have been told are being brought against you
  • The name and contact information of a friend or relative, if any, whom you would like us to contact and inform of your location, and whether we have your permission to do so
  • Any additional information that you can provide about what has transpired.

If you have been arrested and detained, do not speak with anyone about your matter before speaking to an attorney, or without that attorney present. If anyone, including other detained individuals, asks to speak with you about your matter, please politely say out loud, "I invoke my right to remain silent and request to speak with my lawyer."

Seek Aggressive, Experienced Representation

By handling your case from the very beginning, we are able to best protect your rights from the outset of criminal proceedings. Although being charged with a crime may seem like an overwhelming experience, it does not have to be. We provide the support and aggressive advocacy that you need to overcome criminal charges and the compassion and capacity to explain the proceedings as they move forward.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a crime, please contact Feldman & Wallach for a free initial consultation.

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