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Based in Venice, California, Feldman & Wallach represents members of Los Angeles County's entertainment community, including actors, musicians, writers, directors, producers, distribution companies, and independent artists and film companies.  Our attorneys help those working in the entertainment industry assert their creative rights, protect intellectual property assets, and defend against claims of improper use.

Comprehensive Representation for Entertainment Industry Professionals

Being in the film, television, or music business requires dealing with a multitude of different people and entities.  While all parties involved in a project must work together to see its successful completion, each seeks to promote and profit from his or her own contribution.  We understand the dynamics of the entertainment industry, and help artists and entrepreneurs to protect and maximize their rights and interests.

Intellectual Property Litigation

As experienced litigators well versed in intellectual property law, we are equipped to handle even the most complex intellectual property (IP) cases, including ones which may involve both domestic and foreign statutes and regulations.  We recognize the importance of protecting new innovations and valuable intellectual property assets.  And we also work to align intellectual property protection with the business directives of individual rights holders and companies both large and small.  In essence, we are here to protect your work and maximize the profits available from it.  Each dispute resolution strategy we develop is synchronized to our client's specific creative or business purpose. Intellectual property litigation may involve:

  • Copyrights - Copyrights protect rights of authorship in published and unpublished literary, dramatic, artistic, and musical works, as well as software. Copyright holders possess exclusive rights that may be assigned or licensed as a bundle or individually; these include the right to reproduce the work, to prepare derivative works, to distribute copies of the work, and to display or perform the copyrighted work publicly.  Feldman & Wallach has experience helping individuals and businesses assert their copyrights and defend against claims of copyright infringement.
  • Trademarks - With experience managing litigation under the Lanham Act, the federal statute governing trademarks, our attorneys help businesses protect the names, symbols, words, slogans, and other devices that distinguish their unique products or services.  Cases under the Lanham Act may encompass likelihood of confusion and dilution matters, as well as false advertising. We understand the value of trademarks, and the impact that improper use can have on a brand's profit potential and reputation.
  • Patents - We represent inventors and businesses in patent litigation, which involves the alleged use of a patented product, device, or service by an outside party without the permission of the patent holder.  Whether you wish to obtain an injunction to stop the use of your invention, seek damages through a lawsuit, or want to defeat and counter a patent infringement claim, Feldman & Wallach provides effective representation in the area of patent litigation, offering innovative enforcement strategies and zealous advocacy in the courtroom.


Intellectual property litigation arising from copyright, trademark, and patent issues may involve complex legal theories, such as fair use, misappropriation, and unfair competition.  We understand how to develop and present the complicated prosecution and defense strategies on which these cases often hinge.

Right to Privacy

An individual's right of privacy prohibits the appropriation of a person's name, image, or likeness for another's commercial benefit without authorization. An invasion of privacy action seeks to compensate the plaintiff for the emotional distress, embarrassment, and damage to reputation that may arise from the use of his or her name or likeness in such circumstances.  However, a person cannot always control another's use of his or her image.  For example, you may prevent an organization from using your picture in product packaging or advertising, but you cannot stop a magazine from including your image in its publication if you have been involved in a newsworthy event.  We have experience helping individuals assert their right of privacy and in defending those who have used another's name, image, or likeness in their creative project or other work.

Seek Innovative, Aggressive Representation

At Feldman & Wallach, we take pride in providing comprehensive, high quality representation to Los Angeles' entertainment community.  For more information about our services, please contact our offices for a complimentary consultation.

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